One of the key ways the A-C-M are building, and expanding, our partnerships is through an on-going exchange of ideas, subjects and methods that are reflected in this series of pilot projects that have been developed.

The projects can be clustered into three inter-connected areas of inquiry:

  1. qualitative studies focusing on mobile media, telecommunications and senior citizens;
  2. mobilities, participatory action research and digital media-making with elders;
  3. critical and creative examinations of the culture of ageing and movement through the life course.

While the array of media  and cultural practices have expanded, all are  related to our main concern: understanding the intersection between the key terms, mobility, media and communications and culture within the context of ageing.

Developing pilot projects gives us common points of reference to explore these questions through concrete studies, shared on an on-going basis.


1. Media and telecommunications

2. Participatory Media Research

3. The cultures of ageing