Making Community


A collaboration with Seniors Action Quebec (SAQ)

This summer the ACM was asked to collaborate with the organization Senior’s Action Quebec to assist them in the development of their project “Celebrating Seniors” funded by New Horizons for Seniors.

In collaboration with SAQ, the ACM has assisted the organization in setting up research questions, creating an action plan for deliverables of the first phase of their project and training SAQ interviewers in the use of digital audio technologies. We were on hand with the SAQ for their recording sessions with nine community leaders in Montreal, all picked by members of the Seniors Action Quebec board, to be profiled. Dave Madden, PhD in Communications and Sophie Guérin, MA Media Studies helped to develop a workshop on audio recording and interviewing. Sophie photographed the sessions and with Kim scanned materials brought by the participants. Kendra Besanger, MA in Media Studies and Antonia Hernandez, PhD Communications are now working with Seniors Action Quebec on the production of a booklet to be presented at a public event on October 1, National Seniors Day.

The seniors profiled by Seniors Action Quebec include: Geraldine Doucet, Ved Vorha, Daphne Nahmiash, Clarence Bayne, Harold Geernspon, Ura Greenbaum, Catherine Gilbert, Belva Thomas and Patricia Macgurnaghan.

A copy of the first phase of the project, including photography and podcasts produced with SAQ will be launched on October 1, in collaboration with Seniors Action Quebec. Location to be announced.

For more information on Seniors Action Quebec, visit their website:

Making Community: a collaboration with Seniors Action Quebec

SAQ project leader: Ruth Pelletier
SAQ interviewers: Gemma Raeburn-Baynes; Lyna Bouschel; Maurice XX
SAQ editors: XX, XX, XX
ACM/MML project director: Kim Sawchuk
ACM/MML team: David Madden, audio and audio workshop; Sophie Guérin, photography and scanning; Kendra Besanger, booklet layout., design and information management; Antonia Hernandez, layout and graphic design